Sugar cookies!

My daughter loves to bake and help out in the kitchen. While there are lots of hazards, like sharp knives and a hot stove, with some care and education, we’ve had nothing but safe and fun experiences cooking together.

Over the weekend, we made sugar cookies. We modified the recipe to make them dairy and soy free so little brother could have a taste too! She measured out all of the ingredients– an exercise in fine motor control. We also counted and talked about fractions of cups so it was a mini-math lesson as well!

Once our dough was formed, my job was to roll it flat and hers was to cut shapes or roll small dough balls. Teamwork.

While the cookies baked, we whipped up some frosting and partitioned it into several bowls so we could make different colors. She added food coloring to each bowl, counting each drop and talking about what colors we could make if we mixed our food coloring. After frosting the cookies, she decorated each one with sprinkles.

Sure, there was flour and other ingredients everywhere, but nothing a quick vacuum and wipe couldn’t take care of.

In the end she was so proud of her cookies and the best part was that we had a BBQ to take them to the next day making it so she could only eat a couple and avoid all that sugar!

Find the recipe that we followed here 

(modified to use Earth Balance soy-free butter instead of butter)

For frosting we used:

1/2 cup (1 stick) Earth Balance soy-free butter, softened

2 1/2 – 3 cups powdered sugar

Splash non-dairy milk



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