Sprinkler fun!

We have had a slow start to our summer but our temperatures are finally reaching the HOT spectrum these days. When it gets too warm out, we tend to stay indoors, in the dark, with fans running because we don’t have air conditioning. It can be pretty depressing actually, not what you’d imagine for a nice sunny day. Our back yard is partially shaded but it basically just gets too hot to be outside for more than a few minutes.

Our first water toy purchase for the kids was a kiddie pool. They enjoy it but it gets pretty filthy quickly, and it’s a lot of work to clean it out so we haven’t been using it much.  Plus, our cold tap water is SUPER cold so I always have to plan ahead (something I’m not great at) and fill it up earlier in the day so that it can warm up enough for them to use in the afternoon.

Enter our new whale sprinkler (named Olivia by my daughter). We were not actively searching for one, but I had been considering buying a sprinkler for water play. We were mostly just poking around a fun local kids shop when my daughter found it and begged me to buy it. I am so glad that I did because we love Olivia! For set up, it took just a few minutes to blow up (we used a bike pump for this). Then, you just connect it to a hose. Easy peasy!

What I love about Olivia is that she deflates and folds down for compact storage. It is also easy to control the sprinkler intensity. My kids preferred it on a lower setting but it can spray pretty far too.

Here are more details on Olivia:

Product name: Sprinkler Buddies- Giant Whale Inflatable Sprinkler (by Toysmith)

Retail: about $16

Also comes in Octopus form!

Toysmith is a PNW company and you can support a local PDX business by purchasing this from Grasshopper! http://www.grasshopperstore.com/

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