If you ask my daughter what I do, she’ll proudly reply “my mama is science doctor!” We are both still figuring out exactly what it is that I do! For now, I am just a mom, wanting to share stories and my unique take on things because of my background in science.

That being said…here’s what I think about parenting in general: There is no ONE right way to parent. People are complex and we each impart important experience and knowledge on our kids. Ultimately though, we are shaping the future through our heritable genes and learned behaviors. It’s a daunting task to make sure that we do it right! In addition, parenthood can be tricky. To me, it has been nothing but troubleshooting. Luckily, this is the sort of stuff that moves me. I am constantly trying to figure out how things work and find the best way to do things. I have met a lot of amazing parents and have learned so much from them, but you ultimately have to figure out what is best for you and your family.



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