Getting Started

So, you’re interested in babywearing?
Here are some pointers to getting started on the right foot:

1. Look to see if there is a local babywearing group on Facebook and join!
Most major cities have babywearing groups through facebook that serve as an online meeting place to ask questions and share photos, tips, opinions, and more. Babywearing International (BWI) groups are especially helpful because they are run by volunteer babywearing educators (VBE’s) that have undergone tests and training in order to better educate the community on safe babywearing practices.

2. If you are unsure which carrier is best for you, join a lending library!
Some local babywearing groups have a library of carriers available to checkout and try with your child so you know if the carrier is a good fit for your body type and needs before you buy. There is usually a small fee associated with this service but it is usually well worth it.

3. If you have a carrier or like the looks of a specific brand, join a fanpage or private group for that brand!
Most brands of carriers have private groups on facebook for carrier specific chatter. This is a great place to ask questions about your carrier, share pictures, and meet other parents.

4. Join a general babywearing support group on facebook.
Several groups exist and some are better than others. Some examples include Babywearing Love and Support and Babywearing 102.

As you can see, most of the babywearing support is online, through facebook. This can seem a little intimidating at first and many parents are uneasy sharing pictures of their children on the web, and that’s ok!! It is completely understandable to feel this way! Most of the groups that I mentioned are closed groups so only members can see posts, and often parents will modify photos to block children’s faces. These groups are meant to be a place to help others, share experiences, and form connections with other like-minded parents. In the event that facebook is not your scene, look for a local Babywearing International chapter meeting for in-person help or hire a Certified Babywearing Educator for a private consutation (more info at